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Clearwater Wellness & Spiritual Counseling

We offer consultative and healing services for multi-talented women who struggle with stress, hyperactivity, lack of focus, restlessness and inherited trauma. We help those who want to transform painful memories, unresolved emotions, cultivate deeper self-trust for more meaningful and fulfilling life. We use Biospiritrealityâ„¢ - a divination system for self-development and empowerment that embrace ancient views of non-reproducibility or your uniqueness. This system understands and respects your unique spiritual DNA or legacy, will to unfold your destiny, and natural wholeness which emanates from a divine universal Creator to you. It is a complimentary tool for healing, transformation, and growth for those with uncommon or persistent problems conventional means have not resolved. Our methods are based on metaphysics and biology of ancient root spirits and modern interpretations. Stop by for a consultation and to learn more about our services.

822 Guilford Ave
Baltimore, MD, 21202
P: (708) 888-0411


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