Exhibitor: Illuminate Fairfax

Graceful Healing Retreat

Marlana White (Owner)
Rosemary white (Sales women)
Tahmi Washington (SALES WOMEN)

HIGH PRIESTESS MARLANA FROM YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Graceful Healing Intuitive Tarot" Is a 5th Generational Healer and Intuit that brings her much needed healing and cleansing through her Readings. " My life’s purpose is to uplift women on a collective level to there ultimate power. I am a fifth generation healer and Intuit and have been blessed with the gift of site with visions (clairvoyance, mediumship) and dreams from the divine and have been an Intuitive Empath since birth. This gift has afforded me the opportunity to help people to there purpose. I have always helped persons intuitively follow there path and motivate them to recognize there own power but I have now been trusted by the divine to help on a wider scale, world wide. I’ve been a healer for over 10 years and studied holistic healing and birthing. In the more recent years I started this retreat.

13705 Clemerra Way
20613, MD, 20613
P: (202) 320-7852


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