Exhibitor: Illuminate Columbia

Past Lives Healer

Julie Thill (Energy Healer/Karma Balancer)
Cheri Martinez (Assistant)

After taking a series of classes in energy medicine, a connection opened up linking Julie to the spirit world. Her connection is instantaneous and constant and by working with spirit, she has determined that can connect to a person's past lives. Julie’s role is to connect you to that spirit or guide who can best help you overcome your current health, emotional, and life struggles. Together you locate the block in the past life of origin and discover how it was triggered in this one. If you resonate with the connection and your karma with the souls involved is balanced, the spirit is able to heal the block and free you of the burden. The guides refer to this type of energy healing as karma balancing. They maintain that this is our main goal for life on Earth. Julie looks forward to helping you live your healthiest life.

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